Cartop carriers / loading system advice

Firs time poster. I’ve need a car-top system for two kayaks that includes some kind of loading system. I drive a '91 Toyota Land Cruiser with factory roof rack. The top of the roof rack rails is 74 inches. I’m not able to lift the yaks up onto the roof. Was always a canoe fisherman but can no longer paddle a canoe, so I’ve switched to a kayak. I’ve seen a side-loading mechanism that makes it easy to lift a yak to the roof. Anyone here use anything that helps get the yaks on the roof? I’ll need the whole setup, not just the lifter.

Thanks for any help.


re rack
look up - thule or yakima on the web, either 1 should be able to help u, many kayak shops carry there products and will install for u .

But be prepaired to pay some big bucks

Jack L

The Thule lifting rack that you’ve probably seen is called the “Hullavator”.

There is also a slightly different version by Malone, called the “Telos”

The Hullavator is about twice as much, but it’s also a bit more sophisticated.

Rollerloader from Amagansett
Wondering if the Rollerloader and the KAYAK SOFT CRADLE BLOCKS from Amagansett will help. I’ve been checking out Thule and Yakima and they don’t have a canned solution for my car. Would have to be custom and very big bucks. I’ve got a set of four old Yakima towers that clip to the rain gutters of old cars like mine. Waiting for Yakima to get back to me on available cross bars and accessories for them.

Anyone used the Rollerloader?

Malone System

The Thule rack system was the one I saw but it looks like Malone would work for less money, if it can fit my car. Got a call into them. Thanks.

Kari-Tek Easy Load Roof Rack…
can carry 3-4 kayaks and loads from the side of the vehicle, at chest height. Made in Scotland,they are now available in the U.S. through Virginia Sea Kayak Center.

Kari-Tek Easy Load Roof Rack
Thanks. Taking a look at the web site now.

try Thule Slipstream
The Thule Slipstream might work for you as you can lift the front (or back) of the kayak onto the roller and slide the rest of the kayak onto the pads. However to slide the boat on you’ll most likely need a short step to make it easier. The Thule Hullavator is awesome but will require you to use either Yakima or Thule load bars as you cannot attach to factory bars as the Hullavator needs some 4-5 inches of overhang so when it comes down it doesn’t smack the vehicle. The Slipstream gives you great spread between its pads and holds my 17 foot Talon like a vice so hopefully you can consider it.

I have not used a rolloader, but
I have used a bath mat with a rubber coated bottom in the same way and the boats just slide right up. Of course if your roof is high then you need a long boat but it works like a charm.

I use Telos on Nissa Xterra
It works well and I got the Telos Loaders and two sets of Malone j-cradles for less than just the Hullavator. Had to use longer bolts than standard to attach the cradles to the factory crossbars, otherwise it works well. I do have to use a small step stool to help with loading – but I’m 5’3" tall. I carry two boats; the Telos just unclips from one side to the other, then goes inside your vehicle. Only real problem I’ve had is that the suction cups that attach the bottom part of the loader to your car don’t stick well in cold weather.