When transporting on top of car should the goal to attach the canoe level, bow slightly up or bow slightly down.

I’ve always gone for…
level. Bow down would work, but it may create a downward pressure on the rack and car. I don’t know if you’d notice, I guess it depends on the angle and speed.

Bow up would catch the wind and create lift, not good.

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Huh…never thought about it.
I just sorta eyeball the hull to see that it’s generally centered on the two bars, and go.

Then I go back, pick the canoe up off the street, center it again and strap it this time, and I’m on my way.

I guess that means the canoe is level. Never had an issue with it.


hm…while your car topping system…
…works, it does seem a bit more bother than it might be; though I can’t quite put my finger on the cause of this feeling. Aside from this small concern (could be nothing, anyway), well done! :slight_smile:


straight or bow slightly down
Bow up would expose the boat to unnecessary wind loads.

Canoe right side up with no tie downs
Come up to the put-in at thirty MPH, jam on the brakes and you are good to go.

Make sure the paddles are in first, and you have your PFD on to keep the PFD cops happy.



center boat on roof racks…
that is how i was instucted from the guys at oakorchard canoe. In my case that does put the bow below center line but the canoe is taller in the bow by design. Strap at each roof rack station, and both ends to the bumpers, should be good for at least 80 mph.