Cartopping 22ft Tandem Kayak

Hi All,

Any tips on cartopping a 22ft by 22in tandem

on a honda odyssey factory rails with thule crossbars?

also info on overhang laws.


Here is what I did on my pickup

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The cantilevered front overhang with the nesting saddles was not for support, but for stabilization from cross winds at high speeds.

I made it out of 1" EMT and it is bolted to the cross bars and to itself.

I normally on my 18 foot yaks and most canoes never use front tie downs, but with that boat I always did.

If your tandem is a big heavy poly boat, you should probably think about rigid 3/4" galvanized pipe.

Where there is a will, there is a way !



That is similar, in principle, to the
extended cradles we used to make to carry 27’ single sculls.

I think the materials were less than $10
Not counting the saddles.