Cartopping and Joisey

The discussion thread regarding bow & stern lines got me to wondering: Maybe a year ago there was a report that New Jersey had passed a law that made it illegal to haul a load secured with ropes. While this was obviously aimed at the trucking industry, there was some discussion regarding the cartopping of boats.

Any further info from you Joisy-ites? Anyone get cited for using ropes?


Who knows?

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Couple of years ago, someone in aar canoo club got pulled over by a local cop an' told her her it's illegal to use rope to tie down her canoo. She later called the NJ State Police Headquarters an' spoke to one of the head honchos who informed her that it waar indeed illegal to secure a load on a vehicle wit rope. Ok, dats when ah' started ta use straps after 35 years of usin' rope. Then others said dat waar a bunch of crapola, it's jus' fer cargo on trucks, then others say no - it's fer everything. We have a couple of cops in aar canoo club an' they never heard of any such thing.
Truth is - ah' ain't got a clue wat de law is in this wonderful State o' Joisey. All ah' knows is dat ah' sees a lot of rolled-up carpets wit feet stickin' out on top of black Cadillac Escapades driven down de Turnpike held on by rope...


Not even cam straps are allowed in some
places. Rachet straps only.

What places? I don’t own any !@#$% ratchet straps, and I live in Joisey…er, I mean Jersey. I want to know so I can avoid those !@#$% places.


Where’s Andy ? Oh yea, on vacation …LOL

It’s interesting to note that the only people who really pronounce it “Joisey” are people from New York.

Not sure
that is a true statement…I’ve seen and know plenty of people including myself in NJ who use cam buckle straps to secure their boats. Even the Jersey Paddler in Brick sells only cam buck straps to securing your boat, they are even custom embroidered with Jersey Paddler’s name and address on the buckle covers. I’d never use a ratchet strap to secure my boat, too likely to over tighten and damage my boat.

Not here
I have Thule J carriers with the Thule cam straps and I do use bow and stern lines on a rachet system.

Never been stopped, questioned, or ticketted…


Car-topping on the Jersey Turnpike

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Not sure about ropes, but on a recent trip to paddle down south, I had two kayaks on the roof. Driving through Jersey all the kiosks had sensors so every time I pulled up the ticket came out a slot about 6 feet up in the air, (for truckers I assume,) I had to get out of the car and reach up to get the ticket at every stop. (While the understanding garden state natives behind me leaned on there horns every time.) What a pain!

One word - EZPass

yeah a great idea
pay to be able to pay a toll to pay for a system that will never be paid for.

Must of been on the NJ Turnpike, the GSP is coins…

Can’t say I’ve ever been on the NJT with my kayak, I typically take 287/130/295 but more often than not, I typically head north.

I’ve gone through the NYS thruway ticket stop at Woodbury Commons and I don’t think they have two slots at different heights, both slots are level with each other.


Hi Hackyak. The place I saw the sign
for “no cam straps, rachet straps only” was on the Varazano Narrows Bridge. It wasn’t a light-up sign for only the most windy days, it was a regular painted sign. It would seem logical that the connecting roads would have the same restriction, at least in the immediate area of the Bridge.

I don’t
pay anything for my Ezpass, all I pay is the tolls I use with it. Unless things have changed there is no fee to have one or use it.

and philly
(and really, who else is there in jersey?)

NJ EZpass…
If you get EZpass in NJ, you get charges $1/mo. No, it’s not going to put anybody in the poor house but the principle of the matter irks me. If you get EZPass though the Port Authority, supposedly it’s free or of course, a different state, like DE or so…


you bring up a point I didn’t think of, I got my ezpass long ago as a PA resident, and have kept it since I moved to NJ. I have never gotten one from NJ. Sorry, I may have spoken in error then.

Ropes are fine
From the Official New Jersey Commercial Driver License Manual:

3.3.2 – Cargo Tiedown

On flatbed trailers or trailers without sides, cargo

must be secured to keep it from shifting or falling

off. In closed vans, tiedowns can also be important

to prevent cargo shifting that may affect the handling

of the vehicle. Tiedowns must be of the proper type

and proper strength. Federal regulations require

the aggregate working load limit of any securement

system used to secure an article or group of articles

against movement must be at least one-half times

the weight of the article or group of articles. Proper tiedown equipment must be used, including ropes,

straps, chains, and tensioning devices (winches,

ratchets, clinching components). Tiedowns must be

attached to the vehicle correctly (hooks, bolts, rails,

rings). See figure 3.2.

Wrong State!
The Verrazano Narrows bridge is in NY not NJ, and the connecting roads on both sides are in NY not NJ. That bridge crosses from Brooklyn into Staten Island.

That sign must have been referring to restrictions for commercial tractor trailer loads.

Opps, I was just passing through and
it was a long time ago.