Cartopping and Rudders

I recently added a rudder to my Prijon Touryak and have experienced a problem with car topping that I hope has an easy solution. I use Yakima Hully Rollers and Saddles to carry my kayak. When I am loading or unloading with the bow on the rollers and the stern on the ground, the bottom of the rudder hinge is actually what comes in contact with the ground. I’m concerned that this will damage the rudder or the kayak eventually.

Has anyone experienced this problem or have a suggestion that might help? I’m loading on a Jeep Grand Cherokee so the angle is pretty high.



Use a chunk of foam or a old piece
of folded up carpet under it.

One of my many daughters use a old towel and a small bungee cord to hold it under the stern/rudder.



Jayak, I had the same issue with my
Prijon Calabria 14.5 footer. Agree, hitting the ground with the rudder is not desireable. Solution for me: put the yak up backwards, rudder first. Bow hits ground slightly as I cartop (or I deliberately rest on bow briefly), but at least my balanced wing Wildwasser rudder is spared. Good luck.

I use a paddle cart
It keeps the boat from touching and makes it easy to get the boat to the water.

JT in Central Florida

Thanks for the suggestions
As always, great feedback and advice on the forum. Thanks to everyone.