Cartopping Canoe

How can I minimize noise and vibration of wind howling through my cartopped canoe as I travel on highway at speed limits?

Is it the canoe making the noise …
… or the straps? I’ve never really noticed increased wind noise from a canoe. But the straps can sure make a racket. If there is any area where the wind can pass on both sides of a strap, put a twist in the strap there. It will quiet them right down.

Cartopping Noise
Thanks, Clarion. Will check straps next time.

Of course the canoe makes noise
Maybe you don’t have a canoe on top of a car with a sun roof, but if you do, just open the sun roof and listen to the hurricane. Thank goodness most vehicles have well-insulated roofs and that I mostly use a high-roofed full size van.

Yes, the straps can even make more noise and twisting them can help. Or use low stretch poly rope.

Maybe one of those Thule or Yakima wind deflectors for the top of the windshield work. I don’t know from personal experience since I’ve never bought one.

I can’t hear wind noise from my boats…

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... when I open the windows. I wonder if the noise you hear when the sunroof is open is a NEW noise due to deflected air hitting the edge of that opening. I've tried to hear noise with the windows open, and can't hear a thing. I've even reached up to touch a loosely-inflated air bag and it wasn't moving or flapping a bit (not sure if that's alwyas the case though, and I either remove the bags or truss them up like a furled sail on a rope that goes from stem to floor anchor most of the time).

Without a boat on top,
my Yakima racks are really loud—not usually a problem as I usually have a boat up there, but when I don’t…and I don’t take the racks off, or I’d be taking them off and putting them back on several times a week.

Do those wind shield things do any good? Is there any other way to cut down on the noise of boatless racks?