Cartopping Kayak on Small Car

Just curious if any one has tips on car topping a kayak on a small coupe car. I am looking at 10 to 12 foot kayaks but my car is a small Pontiac Sunfire. Any advice would be helpful and the yakima roof rack system looks much to expensive for my budget.

Handirack ??
I have had great results using the Malone inflateable handirack carrying 2 rec kayaks, worth looking at. I have gotten a lot of great advice from this site so I am sure others will offer other suggestions, I just purchased a Thule rack on ebay and will still use Handirack on my wifes car from time to time…

Link to handiracks:

what car?
Interesting, I have not heard of that before, What Kind of car did you use that on?

can be done
This one is a bit extreme, but if it works for them…

Ensure rack has a brace bar/s
If the vehicle has only has two doors, ensure the car top carrier you select uses two brace bars connecting the front and rear bars together. Carry a 18’ Falcon S/18 and a Capehorn 140 on my Ford Focus Hatchback. Good luck. Four years and no problems. (Tule)


Awesome picture…
I imagine it on a windy day at 70+mph… awesome… as long as your IN FRONT of the car!!! :slight_smile:

Riverside blocks
Does anyone have experience with using the riverside foam block kit.

Thanks for the info so far


They work, but not as good as a true
rack system.

I use the Handirack on a
2007 Chrysler Town and Country van