Cartopping theft prevention

We have the Yakima SKS locks on the feet of our crossbars, and now on the Hull Raiser mounts.

Our kayaks,( made by Impex) have no provision for running a cable lock through a hard point, save that of routing it around the “hip brace”/seat attachment point.

Due to the SKS system, we’d like to use the Yakima Boat Locker cable, but would prefer something that works like the Lasso security cable.

Can the Boat Locker cable be used in this way also?

If not, can you suggest another means of locking this type of boat to the roof rack?



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Why not route the cable through…
the seat attachment point?

Just last week I was at a motel for two days and used my trusty system to keep our two sea kayaks secure on the roof over night.

Go to Wally world and pick up one of those dog runs which are plastic coated steel cable. Cut the snap lock ends off with a hack saw and that leaves you with a neat loop at each end.

Then just use a pad lock of your choice.

You can get them in twenty and thirty foot lengths and the cost is less then 10 dollars.

I keep several of them and a bunch of padlocks that are keyed the same and use them on not only our canoes and kayaks, but for locking our bikes and other stuff to trees when we are camping.



Wish I could post a pic, I’ll try emailing you one.

I purchased plastic coated cable from Home Depot. Made a nice locking setup out of 2 pieces. 1 - a simple loop, made from the cable and an aluminum crimp, big enough in diameter to fit around the boat over the rear hatch. 2 - a longer piece with a small loop (1 or 2 inch) on one end and a large loop on the other end, big enough to get around the boat at the front hatch. Rubber coating (Dip-it) covers the aluminum crimps to prevent scratching to the boat or vehicle.

Put each big loop over the appropriate end of the boat, with the longer cable running under the rooftop bars. A master lock connects the 2 pieces. Sizing the loops to fit over the front and rear hatches, makes it very difficult for someone to get into the hatches while the boat is locked.

For camping, you can substitute a tree for the roof top bars, and feel comfortable that your boat will still be there after returning from a day hike.

I use Tieyak
Got them off eBay very reasonable and have used them a good deal w/o a problem.

They made the one for my Hobie as a special order for the same price to accomodate the fatter ends. As a nice touch he used different colored shrink wrap so I could tell the two apart at a glance. Been from Jersey to the Keys w/ em!

My wife and I have been using the Lasso security cables with our two Wilderness Systems Tempest Pro kayaks, and we are satisfied with the results. I would recommend them.


Lasso cables
I ended up ordering the Lasso cables.

Thanks to all for the suggestions!