Carts for Small Hatches

Let’s not jump to conclusions. It’s possible the original manufacturer licensed the design to another company to maximize profit potential. It’s also possible that the original manufacturer is not covered by the same intellectual property laws as we have here in the US and this other company saw a legal opportunity to take advantage of a situation.

From my point of view, if there’s a competitor whose product better matches my needs (9 inch versus 10.5 inch wheels), its not for me to speculate about who copied whom. The entire range of Amazon Essentials products is based on this whether you agree with it or not.

BTW, C-Tug as a merchant of kayak gear should have done some market research to identify whether the wheels will fit in hatches as they described. They probably did and chose 10.5 for whatever reason.The sand wheels certainly wouldn’t fit in round hatches. So someone saw an opportunity to modify the product and make a buck.

I’ll probably give the “fake” a try. I like the original design because it breaks down small.

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Thank you for the insightful catch of my bad spelling!

I agree. Railblaza could make more profit on the product manufactured in China even if it sells for less. And they may not want the C-Tug name associated with Chinese sourcing. My Amazon review has been updated, and it provides the facts but no judgement:

“I have not seen one of the name brand carts in person, but based on the substantial, quality feel of the plastic parts I’d guess this cart is the same as the name brand cart – same plastic, same molds. Perhaps using different wheels and a different strap allows it to be sold as a competing product. I did notice, however, that the box that this cart comes in clearly says it’s made in China. The name brand cart is made in New Zealand.”

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Bobonli - Conveniently, I have a kayak with 10 inch round hatches, so I tested to see if the Velocity (aka C-Tug clone) cart will fit. The inside diameter of the hatch opening measures 9.5 inches, so I did not even try the wheels since I measured those at 9.75. But the rest of the cart pieces fit easily. The kayak, an Eddyline Falcon 18 Kevlar, measures 9.5 inches deep from the top of the hatch rim to the inside bottom of the hull at the deepest point of the pronounced vee. I’d guess the carts cross arms would have gone in even if the hull were 2 inches less deep.

Here are a couple of photos showing the hatch rim and the shape of the hull. I couldn’t take pictures while loading the pieces of the cart because it’s an awkward reach with a car and adjacent kayak in the way (not in the picture). Note there is no skeg box to impede getting the cart pieces loaded. I would guess that if your hatch opening is large enough to fit the wheels, the rest of the cart is likely to go in as well.


No insight on this particular case but there is one a read about a few years ago. A large model railroad company hired a Chinese factory to make train cars from designs that the company created. After the initial run the factory raised their prices so high that the company found alternate sources, but the factory wouldn’t return the injection molds. The molds easily cost > $100k to produce; once you have them you can knock out a part real cheap.

Every time you buy chinese it strengthens their military. Sometimes unavoidable sometimes not.

They can sell stuff cheap from China because they incur no R&D or development cost. They rob the world. Throw in literally slave labor you can’t beat their prices.

How much does China steal intellectual property?

This shift from the PLA to the Ministry of State Security, as well as an increase in sophistication, has also been noted by U.S. intelligence officials. A congressional estimate in the U.S. placed the cost of Chinese intellectual property theft at 225–600 billion dollars yearly.

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Allegations of intellectual property theft by China

The USA (congress both parties) are starting to awaken to the dangerous situation they have got themselves into with even basic necessities. Many companies are shifting to other countries to replace china.

They stop shipping light bulbs we’ll all be in the dark. Stop with pharmaceuticals many will be in the ground.

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That is an easy one that I have used for 10+ years: The Seattle Sports Molly cart. It comes in yellow and can fit (without taking apart) into the small NDK hatches without a problem. I put extra minicell foam on the body of it (plastic) so it wouldn’t leave rub marks and “grip” the cart better too. I used to get them for about $60 but am not sure what the price would be now.


Scott in SC

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The Kayak Cart KC-7 I mentioned above is made in the USA. I suppose that’s why it costs a hundred bucks. Everyone can decide for themselves what features they’re willing to pay for; country of origin is one of mine.

Looks like the Molly is no longer made/sold. Not on their website and listed as “Unavailable” (with a number of unfavorable reviews) on Amazon.

Thank you everyone. I have a number of options to explore

That one was originally sold as the Quantum Kayak Cart for $80. I still have one, in addition to the Wheeleez Mini cart, which at that time sold for $89 and was/is a much better kayak cart.

The Quantum cart can fit right inside the cockpit, between the legs near the feet. I used it that way a few times, but it definitely is an entrapment hazard that way. Best to remove the wheels from the scoop to put in the hatch compartments. What I hated was how fussy the tiny cotterpins were, AND how the rowing-shell-intended scoop only fit even narrow sea kayaks right near the ends.

The hard, narrow wheels only rolled well on paved or very hard packed ground.

The Wheeleez Mini wheels have to be removed and put in the hatch compartment; the entire cart will not fit in the kayak. However, their QR pins are easier to use. Just as important, the wider, larger-diameter solid-but-not-hard-plastic tires roll better on unpaved ground. For deep sand, the only good choice is the fat gray pneumatic wheels (also available sized for either the Mini or Regular cart frame).

I don’t get the love for C-Tug unless someone needs a high-payload cart for loaded camping portages AND their boat has room for the very bulky, heavy frame and wheels. That cart weighed 10 pounds! I know, because I bought one and promptly returned it because it was too big to fit in my kayak even when disassembled. The best thing about it was that the kayak sat on it closer to the middle, which made for easier pulling.

But wow, something used in the manufacture of C-Tugs stank of toxic fumes. It was awful.

Insightful, not inciteful. Or was that a Freudian slip?

I have been invited to be a regular reviewer for other websites, after posting uninvited reviews. The invitation seems to be extended towards people who have experience with similar products and related items, who write balanced reviews weighing pros and cons, and who are articulate.

Verified cases of intellectual theft by the product manufacturer deserve consideration as a Con when choosing what to buy,

However, xenophobic general rants disguised as reviews don’t carry much credibility. I would not even consider those as valid reviews. It is one thing to say, “Buy Made in the USA”. Another thing entirely to paint all Chinese [or other country] companies as being copycats. And there are copycats within the USA, too.


I attach it to the (narrower) bow of my OT Camden and drag it by the stern grab handle. Works fine. Very true about the non-pneumatic 7" wheels. They’re definitely not at their best on rough terrain or soft sand. I suppose that’s true of any wheel of that size.

That was the first cart I bought. It did not fit in any of my hatch compartments in ANY kayak. The frame was too long to make it into any of them due the the fact that it is not merely a matter of compartment length but of length, depth, and boat curves.

It is both the smallest and the lightest cart available, which is nice in itself. I found that putting the cart on one end and PUSHING the kayak from the other end made it easier to control the rig. Did that with the Quantum cart and continued with the Wheeleez. You can easily see if the long boat is veering off, because it is all in front of you instead of behind.

Xenophobia is the fear or dislike or hatred of people of different cultures, culturally different.

That is a lot different than being opposed to a governmental practice that ignores other countries laws surrounding intellectual properties when the other country is their major marketplace.

If a person decides to not buy a product made in a country that exploits our standard of labor laws and practices or reverse engineers a product still under patent protection or copyright protection by labeling it falsely. That person is not practicing xenophobia as they have no fear or dislike for the people in general but they do not agree with the governmental or business practices that produced that product.

The simple act of buy American is not disparaging any other country IMO as their people also have the right to support their country by buying products made there. Being patriotic IMO is not being xenophobic. No different than routing for your home country in the Olympics.

I can hate Russia for waging war on their neighbors unprovoked. That doesn’t mean I have any hatred to the Russian people.

Many USA products are copied but if they are in patent infringement the person holding the patent has rights to seek damages. Patent protection isn’t forever and the law wants at some point to make usage open to all. International patent rights is a much stickier and expensive thing and when dealing with a country that almost always ignores any infringement cases that is not right by most people.

The bottom line is every dollar spent is one vote cast. I don’t have a problem in a review if it involves offering advice on how they suggest I vote.


Are you the Scott I paddled with years ago who has a plastic Krueger?

Hmmm…I haven’t paddled a Krueger. What part of the USA were you paddling in? I paddled quite a bit in CT/RI/MA/ME

We were paddling Sparkleberry swamp in SC. He was paddling a Perception that sort of resembled a Krueger. A sit inside with a big cockpit.
Haven’t heard from him in years.
Obviously there is more than one Scott in SC.