Carving it up with the 'longboards' of kayaks

saw this referenced on a facebook page:

hmm, wonder why 3 of the 4 yaks are Reflection’s (of a banana)

Cowabunga! Fun longboat play on 2-3’ good quality waves! :kayak: Those are the conditions when I most enjoy playing with my PH Delphin.


Sterling, the maker of the Reflection, is a small Washington state based kayak maker of high end kayaks. The Reflection, and now the Progression for smaller paddlers, was designed for surfing. If you watch old videos of The Hurricane Riders (they’ve gone quiet in last few years), you can see them surfing them at Skookumchuck Rapids in BC. Example video:

Tom Humphries, of Neptune’s Rangers, can be seen in videos surfing one backwards - one of the designs of it is that the hull shape is about the same in the stern as in the bow, so it surfs backwards almost as well as forward. Example video:

The skeg is also much further forward in the boat, which likely helps them act more like fins on a surf board than stern-placed skegs would.

The Reflection is my win lotto boat. I would love to own one.

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To find the vid (it’s not on youtube), go to the owners facebook page:

I’m pretty tickled with my Progression.