Cascade vs Predator, full cut helmets

This is my second post on this subject. I’m in the market for an inexpensive full cut helmet for sea kayaking.

The Protec L/XL didn’t fit. Kicking myself for not having measured my head circumference and searching out the fit data, beforehand. (I had tried a fiend’s older model and it fit me good.) My head size is 23.75” with no head covering; 24.25” with a 1mm mystery hood on. The Protec L/XL fits up to 23.6” Duh, of course it doesn’t fit!

Cascade fit data says their XL fits 24 and up. Doesn’t say by how much further up. I think I read somewhere about additional straps. Are there straps at the back of the head to keep the helmet from rotating back off the forehead? I would like that.

Cascade with airfit says L fits to 22.5 to 24. Straps at the back of the head in this model? Comments on the airfit? Fit would be close for me anyway.

Back posts on boatertalk say the Predator runs bigger than Cascade. Predator comes in one size with an assortment of fit pads. Doesn’t mention any straps. Comments on the Predator?

With what I know now, I’ll order the Cascade, non air fit, and hope it’s big enough. If not big enough, return it and order a Predator.

Comments before I proceed?

Paul S.

I’m a fat head and use
a Cascade.

How fat?
Thanks kanaka. What’s you size, measured around your head, just above the eyes, even with the top of the ears, largest circumference?


23.75" and Cascade
I first got a Protec L/XL which was too tight for comfort. I replaced it with a Cascade which fits comfortably with a Mystery Hood. I just measured and my head is 23.75"

The strap in back works very well to keep the helmet in place while the front gives good forehead coverage.

Thanks Jim, very helpful.
I’m gonna order one today.


I see the potential for a whole
new thread here. “How fat is your head”. What would the prize be?

A free helmet

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that probably doesn't fit.

In an earlier thread, I think someone suggested that there's a lot of things to consider when choosing a helmet, including whether it will fit in your day hatch. I remember thinking, well, I don't think my head will fit in my day hatch, so my helmet certainly won't fit in my day hatch.

I'd check, but I'm afraid I might get it stuck, then would have to start a thread titled, "jedsljh, amyd ehead dhouet hhda." If I could see, it would read, "help, my head's stuck in the day hatch!"

Paul S.

I hope.

Ordered Cascade full cut XL, from hardheaded.

This one better fit, or I’m gonna throw a totally immature, online ordering, frustration fit. It won’t be pretty. I’ll make sure I’m alone.

Paul S.