Casco 100

My local Old Town dealer offered me a Casco 100 (left over from last year)today for $521 and said it it now the Loon 100-can anyone tell me anything about this particular kayak (I have a Dirigo 120 already) and if that price makes sense? I have the 2005 Old Town catalog and it is not listed there.


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a little info
The Casco 100 and new Loon 100 are the same boat. OT just changes the name to be a pain in the butt. The old Loon 100 was discontinued a few years back. And they came back as The CascoLoons as we call them. The 100,120,138 are from the waterline down basicly the same as the old Loons. above that they added the new extrasport seat. raised the foredeck and added a bulked in the back. Also made the cockpit smaller in the 100 & 138 but larger in the 120. They paddle pretty much the same as the older Loon series. Nice boat for Rec. paddling if your a small person.

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