Casco Bay Camping... Parking?

I’m looking to do a short, three day/two night camping trip in Casco Bay next weekend, weather permitting. One of the issues I’m running into is not being able to find information on where I could park for the few days I’ll be there. Where I’m able to park will determine which islands I decide to paddle to in search of a campsite, as I have found many are first come, first served. Anyone have any info?

I will be checking the marine forecasts throughout the week. If the weather isn’t going to be conducive to kayaking out there, my back-up plan is going to be Umbagog lake, again, if the weather permits.

Eastern Prom Portland
Winslow Park Freeport

Yarmouth Town Landing

This map may be of interest

oops no parking overnight st Eastern Prom
S Portland has overnight parking but you have to cross shipping lanes to get to Jewell etc
Not recommended

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I appreciate it. I think I’ll look into Freeport. Thanks!

It is a really nice launch. And may have camping available too. Its only four miles from the bustle of shopping but really a world away

Gotta ask the question: Are you a member of the Maine Island Trail Association (MITA) ?If not, and you paddle Maine salt water at all, you really should be. Not only do they have an app that you can use to locate all the facilities you might need but they do great conservation work, engage with property owners to ensure access and provide a community for resources. Even if you only paddle once a year on Maine salt water membership is worth it. If you use it you need to support it!

I also assume you have good tide info from NOAA.


I’ve been looking into them and was waiting for another paycheck to join. Finances have been a bit tight lately.

I do frequently check NOAA for tide info and marine weather any time I’m planning a trip to the coast. I usually start checking it a week out from when I plan to paddle and keep checking daily for any changes.

As for the camping trip, I’m putting it off for a week. I was looking to go with my girlfriend from Saturday thru Monday, but they’re calling for occasional showers starting Sunday and into Monday with seas 3-5 feet. I’d be fine in it, but she wouldn’t, and she isn’t overly interested in going up to Umbagog.

another addition to the suggestion pot… Dolphin Bay Marina and camp on Whaleboat