Casco vs. Calypso vs. Dirigo vs. Santa Cruz

Buying a first non-inflatable kayak. I’m a comfortable paddler who’s rented plenty and done a canoe camping trip or two. Will mostly be on flat water, occasionally in brackish marshes that will have a bit of chop (1.5ft waves max??).
Any thoughts on the below used or factory outlet kayak options from experienced folk are appreciated. Thanks!

LL Bean Calypso 12 @ $590 (returned boat at outlet store)
Lightweight (38lbs!) compared to the 50lb boats below. It is narrow (24.5 in), so I might keep up with longer boats.

LL Bean Casco 12 @ $580 (returned boat at outlet store)
I don’t know… 49lbs. Moderate width (26 inches). Seems good, but not a lot of reviews available online.

Old Town Dirigo 12 @ $550 (craigslist)
Seems a very popular boat. 49 pounds

Necky Santa Cruz Cruz 12 @ $500 (craigslist)
Has a skeg. May be older than the Dirigo based on appearance.

1.5’ chop? Your seated height is about 2’ in a kayak. How’s your self rescue skills?

Get the older Necky Santa Cruz with a float bag in the bow assuming it has a rear bulkhead and hatch. It likely has a simple stern mounted skeg which will be nice in windier open stretches.

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