Cashie River (NC) question

Can anyone with experience on the Cashie River in Bertie Co., NC, answer this question: If we paddle down the Cashie from Windsor to camp on the Lost Boat platform, is it reasonably easy to paddle back upstream to Windsor? Or do we definitely need to set a shuttle with a car downstream at the San Souci Wildlife ramp? It’s been suggested to us that some people do paddle back upstream. I just want to hear from someone who really knows! (The distance is listed as 12 miles. Someone on PNET posted a trip report from several years back suggesting they paddled back upstream. But I’d like to hear more.) Thanks.


Paddle upstream often
Can’t really give you specific advice regarding the Cashie River but I will give advice on the fact that parking at the DOWNRIVER access is best. Start there, paddle upstream and if you can’t make it to your destination or get tired, all you gotta do is turn around and go-with-the-flow back to your vehicle. Subjecting yourself to no option but MUST-MAKE-IT upstream can get you in trouble.

Thanks for the advice
Need to be reminded occasionally.


Getting info.
Ginger, I have sent an email to a friend that used to be the caretaker for the river and creeks in that area. I will relay his thoughts upon receiving them.

Look forward to paddling with you again soon. Still would love to test drive your Fathom LV at somepoint.


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Ginger this is the response Phil sent me. Hope this helps.I will send you his contact info. in a private email.

There is no flow in the Cashie River, only if it's when driven, which is hardly ever. There is no problem at all paddling back up river to Windsor. I would suggest that you put in and take out at Hoggard's Mill Bridge up river from Windsor. The paddle pass town is very scenic and beautiful.

thanks, medawgone (darufdawg)
Hey, Medawgone, thanks so much for this. This is great info.

I heard from the head of the River Center in Windsor who said the same thing: no flow.

I also got a good piece of information from one of the Roanoke River Partners people, who said that folks camping on Lost Boat often park at the San Souci Wildlife ramp and paddle upstream 5 miles to the platform. That now makes a lot of sense to me, since there’s no current downstream. So we have two good options for our trip, a 10-miler and a 5-miler depending on which end we start at.

(You’re more than welcome to test drive the Fathom LV!)