Castine 140, Tsunami 145, or?

Looking to replace my Walden Passage with something more current, and just learning to self-rescue/roll, brace, and surf. Hoping to stay at/under $1500, and 15 feet. I’m larger - have tried my mom’s Tsunami 140, but can’t get my thighs under the braces.

Are there any larger paddlers who’ve used both the Castine 140 and Tsunami 145? Other suggestions??

Thanks for any input you may have!!

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We had a Tsunami 145 years ago (wife’s boat) and I paddled it some. Honestly, it sounds like you’re looking for more of a ‘skills’ boat, and IMO the Tsunami is not that. It’s a decent boat, don’t misunderstand, but wouldn’t be my choice for surfing or working on more advanced maneuvers.

In that size range, I’d look at something like the Dagger Stratos 14.5L.


Agree with High_Desert. For the level of paddling you are talking about, you need a more performance oriented boat.

Both the Castine and the Tsunami’s are only a partial step up to what will serve you for rolling, surf etc.

Stopped by the Riverside Kayak Connection in suburban Detroit on Friday for a non-paddling kayak fix since I am in town for work…they just received several Stratos’ in stock. Tiffany said they are selling quickly. PS - they ship east of the Rockies.