Casting Bubbles

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There was a thread about a year ago where someone was looking for casting bubbles to use with flies and a spinning rod. I gave a link to Cabelas (the bubbles at Cabelas are the ones in the second link). I was trying to find a link to the awesome bubbles I used when I lived in Washington and Idaho. They were torpedo shaped and had a rubber tube inside that you twisted around the line. Very easy to adjust your leader length. Finally found the link.

I have been using this method almost exclusively for fishing lakes, rivers and streams the past couple of years. This method is a deadly presentation and will get fish when nothing else seems to work. I've caught everything from monster gills to hard fighting, leaping rainbows and drag-screaming, rod bending smallies. An ultra-light rod and reel makes it a kick everytime. Ok, off my soap box. Here's the link for those that were interested.

More from the same company:

I’ve got a reservoir nearby that may need to have that tried in.

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casting bubbles adjustable
I bought soem of the adjust a bubble, and I tried them. Is there a trick to get them to stay on your line where you set the depth. I twisted the ends and that seems to work well. Is there something else?

Another method is to thread the bubble on then tie on a snap swivel. This prevents the bubble from sliding down your leader. Then tie a 3-5 foot leader onto the snap swivel.

casting bubbles slipping
I have the adjusta bubbles, but the darn things keep coming undone. I cast them and they slip all the way down to the fly. Are they to loose? or to slippery?

Adjusta Bubble
I have had this problem as well. My solution was to put on the bubble then tie on a swivel or snap swivel (big enough to just enter the bottom hole) then tie on a 3 foot leader to the swivel. I have started using the Tough Bubbles which don’t have the tubing inside, just a hollow plastic plug, rigged as above. These also work well as slip floats.

This has become my number one fishing system this summer. Trout, salmon, bass, perch and bluegills have all been taken using this method. In both lakes and rivers. Lots of fun!!

I was the one who asked
last year. amd thanks for this info. I’ve been using the ones from Cabela’s and had seen the rainbow’s many years ago but was never able to find them. Thanks. and yes it is an awesome presentation.

casting bubbles
I use this set up in high mountain lakes and am very successful on both cutts and rainbows. Another addition: Some stores have a small spinner with a shank that allows you to clip on flies. They do not come with hooks attached. They are pretty small. Cast behind a bubble this set up almost always produces as you can change flies quickly. I use a fairly slow retrieve. I use this in areas were a regular fly rod is not practical because of brush or the banks being too steep to get close to the water. I have never seen them in a real tackle store and pick my up at Wal-mart or Fred Meyer’s.

Spinner flies
Yeah, I use this method alot. They are made by Little Joe; an affiliate of Lindy. Size 0 and 1 seem to produce very well, while the twin blade version do better on bigger fish such as pike and lakers. Another spinner fly method that is deadly is to slip a small propeller blade on your leader followed by a small red bead, then tie on your fly. The little prop adds some extra flash, a bit of wobble and vibration to the fly.

Adjustable Casting Bubbles
I found these adjustable casting bubbles several years ago and have been looking for them ever since. I put them above a swivel and let them float on the line. Below the swivel I put about 12"-18" of line and a single hook. I have found that using live bait I can fill the float with enough water to still float and cast a very long distance. I used it below a dam at the spill way. I placed a small split shot just above the swivel with desired live bait on the hook. Cast into the whirlpools at the spillway and feed line. The float will stay in the whirlpool at the surface and the small split shot will carry the bait down to the fish on the bottom. Once the bait is near bottom I quit feeding line and watch for any movement of the bobber. Fish on!