Castle Craft trailer?

I’m getting a new car (Mazda 3 Hatch) and don’t want to put a roof rack on it to carry our two Pungo 12’ kayaks. I’m considering the two yak version of this:

Anyone here have experience with these trailers?

I know people
who use trailx trailers for the Hobie Cats. The are great. very light weight and strong. If I could afford one I’d have one under my Hobie.

Trailex trailers
You might have better luck posting it under the brand name Trailex, as I believe some pnetters have owned those. Castle Craft sells them but I don’t know if they actually make them. They also sell some very nice kayak cradles made by Spring Creek.

If you buy the trailer, make sure you get a 1 7/8" ball for your bumper or hitch (not the more-common 2" ball).

I am considering buying the SUT 350-M when it’s time to retire the present trailer.

Why 1 7/8", not 2"?

I own one
I like it a lot but the directions are useless. I am very good mechanically and it took me about five days to build the trailer. You will end up looking at the pictures and ignoring the writing. Everything is out of order so you constantly have to disassemble what you just did which can feed the frustration. Still its a nice item. Be sure to buy the bearing buddies.

Uh, because that’s what the trailer uses
You have to match the ball size with the trailer coupler’s size.

I have one
We bought it at Paddlesports Expo 2 years ago. It has a lot of miles on it and has held up pretty well. Ours holds up to 4 kayaks and I often have that many on it doing shuttles. I had one upright break and TrailEx replaced it under warranty with no hassle.

The braces holding the center pillars are sharp so you need to wrap some foam around them to protect your boat. The trailers are aluminum so they’re lightweight and strong. I recommend them. It’s so much easier than car topping and they make doing shuttles much, much easier. Instead of loading and unloading my boat all I do is hitch and unhitch.