CastleCraft or Slick Rydr trailer?

My wife and I are new to kayaking but very enthusiastic. We’ve come to the point where we need to get a trailer. We have two cars, her Honda Accord, which we’ve been using as the “mule”, and my Miata, which I love. It would be really great, but not absolutely necessary for the trailer to fit both cars.

The two trailers that I’ve found that seem to fit our needs are the CastleCraft SUT 250 and/or the Slick Rydr KMUT001. The aluminum CastleCraft is smaller, lighter, less expensive and I’m pretty sure it will work on the Miata, but it also isn’t nearly as heavy duty as the Slick Rydr and I’m a little concerned about its practicality for hauling our 14 foot Old Town Cayugas a couple hundred miles.

The Slick Rydr is galvanized steel and has bigger wheels and seems more road worthy, but it’s sure to be heavier and it’s about $500 more.

Does anyone have any experience with either of these models or any other advice for us?

If it matters, the Miata is supercharged and I’m sure it will tow 300-400 lbs. without any problem.

Here are links to the two trailers:

Thanks very much in advance.

I am not sure what the “Patented independent TORAX Torsion Suspension” is all about, but I am quite sure it is NOT designed to carry ~100-200lb of kayaks. Also, most of the weight is going to load your hitch; smaller cars have very low load requirements.

The other one, Castle Craft, has leaf springs, it is going to be all over the bumpy road.

Take a look at this

It is more expensive, but comes with better suspension.

Also look at Rack and Roll
The Rack and Roll is a slick design, well suited to small towing vehicles. Suspension looks really nice, folds up for storage, etc. Sometimes you get what you pay for…

Slick Rydr
I can speak knowledgeably about Slick Rydr trailers. They are built about 5 miles from where I live. The suspension is perfect for carrying boats. Craftsmanship is excellent and the trailer should last a lifetime.

If you are willing to spend the money, a Rack and Roll trailer would be a much better option. Your Miata wouldn’t even know it’s back there.

Had a customer show up w/a Slick Rydr
to pick up 2 canoes, he already had 1 on the 4-place rack. I thought the suspension looked bomber and the whole rig was what I considered exceptionally well made, and quite stout. I’d put my $$$ into one if I was in the market. Very nice product made w/quality materials, as well as larger wheels than most trailers of this catagory which I’d consider a +!