CAT 1 Hurricane Elsa... heading for the east coast

Heads up if you haven’t been following this one.
Beating up the west coast of Florida tonight but due to cross over Florida and head up the east coast…
This time Key Largo dodged a bullet… :sunglasses:
Good luck…

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Glad to hear it missed you, grayhawk.

Hope it weakens as it travels.

I’m at my folks place in Englewood FL now. It’s pouring and breezy but expected to get windier overnight. Worried about the sailboat of course (up in St Pete) but glad to be ashore. Expecting winds 40-50 knots with gusts potentially to 70 knots.

Brought a couple kayaks inside with me! (No room in the garage for both anyway)

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I suspect the wind at some point will be pushing a lot of water into Tampa Bay about the 1:00 AM high tide. Hope your boat rides through this Brodie with out any damage. I am sure y’all are prepared, and good luck!

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Glad Key Largo was spared grayhawk. We had steel storm shutters we could drop over the windows when growing up a mile from the Atlantic. Here in SC we are on the West edge of the cone of uncertainty, but it should have lost a good bit of it’s punch by then. Hopefully!

Floating docks are a wonderful thing (as long as the surge doesn’t go over the pilings!). I’ll get an update from my neighbors in the morning but I’m not expecting any problems except for a few drips.

7am. Storm missed Tampa stayed off shore. Weather guys looking for “spin up tornados” on their 4d radar in/on one of the bands going inland Lake City to Gainesville.

You know its really tech orientated when they finally break for commercial…and you are happy they did it.

Storm still off shore. Expected land fall in the Big Bend.

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Dodged that same bullet here in Tampa. Nowhere near the rainfall total or winds that were hyped up. Didn’t even have to waste any water from the pool.

I hope this doesn’t taint the expectations of our new neighbors, storms are dangerous and this one wimped out. The next one probably won’t.

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I guess they called that one right.
Nice the tech keeps getting better…

Here in the Hilton Head, SC area we had about 6” of rain overnight with a fair amount of wind. No major damage although a few trees came down, but mostly it was just a lot of leaves and small branches to clean up.