CAT 4 "IDA".. Going to New Orleans

Good luck all y’all…

God bless

Hurricane season is coming into prime time. This one is on the anniversary of Katrina too, adding insult to potential injury! Be safe all of you on the Gulf Coast.

Thanks, we still assess longevity in the area by telling time based on hurricanes. Yes, folks here are strange (said as a native New Orleanian).

Most preps made earlier today here for me on the MS Gulf Coast. Sorry to say, but I hope it keeps going into Terrebonne Bay & Lafayette area…if it shifts east even 40-50 miles, New Orleans and the MS Gulf Coast will take a real beating.

The strong storms can be lifechanging and events are often referred to as before or after (add storm name here)…

As a boy in the early 60s, seniors and my folks age friends would talk about the '33 and '47 hurricanes. I remember playing in the streets in NO when the streets flooded from a minor hurricane in 58 or 59. Betsy in 65 was my first bad one, then 4 years later Camille with sustained 150 mph winds with gusts over 200. In mid storm my WWII vet father re-positioned our two cars up a hill as the yard (and later house) started to flood. Wind was so strong he could not walk back, he had to crawl a couple hundred yards to get back to the house

My Dad was a boy when they lost their house during the hurricane of 1926 in Miami, FL. The first one I remember was Donna in 1960, and our street was flooded with mosquito fish swimming in it.

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Warning!!!# Sure there’s a hurricane BUT…

I just saw Jim Cantore. In NO one the river walk. Bad sign.

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Run, Run, Run…
This is going to be a BAD one…
A LOT of work to clean up/rebuild after in miserable conditions along with stress that can affect your health.
Stay safe…

I am book swapping with a member of the sailing forum I am on. he lives in New Orleans. we decided to hold off because of possible power outages, and possible storm cleanup. he wasn’t planning on leaving at that time. This is before they realized it would become a cat 4. I am hoping he has evacuated at this point. This was a couple of days ago. That I haven’t had a reply to my latest inquiry has me thinking they are on the road. This one is concerning!

I-10 eastbound was a virtual parking lot with folks leaving NO yesterday.

“Hurricane Ida’s eyewall basically a15 mile wide F3 tornado."
Al Roker