catch fish without any rods or tackle!

I think they were over their limit. If you guys understand spanish at all the guy in the front of the boat was saying how the fish are jumping to eat bugs and that the light attracts the bugs. they found these fish by accident trying to get home one night and they filled their boat with fish. they quit their jobs as brick layers and started selling fresh fish.

The Illinois river
and several other mid-western rivers now have Asian carp. They do the same thing. The sound of the motor disturbs them and they jump towards and in the boat. Some of them are huge (the fish too) and kids have been knocked out of the boat. One person I heard of was just knocked out cold.

The Conservation work boats (john boats) now have safety cages around the driver.

One thing they do to try to control them is to drag as second boat. Both boats travel through the infested area until they are full of fish. I not sure what they do with them once they have them.

It’s just plain weird.

When I lived in the Philippines they
use dynamite and poison to fish with. The dynamite had the same effect since the fish flew into the boat.


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This is in the Pantanal in Brazil, they are speaking Portuguese.

The fish is called Matrinchã.

Man, I used to fish everywhere in the Pantanal over two decades ago, there are very few precious things that I miss from the old country, this is for sure one of them (the girls in bikinis at the beaches is another one of those things, funny but those never jumped so eagerly in the boat, maybe it is just me...).

A bit more adventerous way

I saw a tv show about this, it’s pretty amazing to watch. I just wonder who the first person was who decided to use his fingers as bait.

Catfish noodling is an old time Southern