Catch these paddling films if you can

I just saw the touring Reel Paddling Film Festival collection of short canoe and kayak related shorts last night (thanks to our local outfitters and dealers for sponsoring the screening, including Performance Kayak and L.L. Bean!) Anyone who loves the water and wilderness adventure should try to see them. I’m posting the schedule as they have it now – they do add more locations from time to time. The 3 hour show is fantastic and has amazing footage from the Brooks Range in Alaska, to Iceland and even the remote mountains of Kirghizstan, on the Chinese border. Most screenings donate a substantial portion of the ticket fees and cash from refreshments and swag drawing raffle tickets to relevant charity and conservations organizations as well. It was a very fun evening, and a chance to meet up with fellow paddlers as well. Check it out!

Thanks for the heads up.

Awesome, THANKS for sharing. Coming to Detroit next week, right on time!

It’s been almost a week since I saw the films but they really stoked me, got me out of my winter doldrums. Motivated me to make reservations for my first paddling adventure for this year, a trip in later this Spring to northern England with my folding kayaks to paddle the rivers, canals and North Sea coastal harbors!

I saw this series two years ago at the last Paddlesport show put on by the now out-of-business outfitter Jersey Paddler. I’m so glad that I got the chance to see it. If the show comes close to me again, I’d definitely go, for it changes each year and is great.

Thanks WL
I plan to catch them at my local outfitter.

We had a great time on Friday night in Detroit. Really cool movies, and they were just the right length to keep your interest without getting boring. Seemed like a lot of the folks that showed up were not so much paddlers, but movie enthusiasts. Anyways, thanks again for sharing the info here.

If you haven’t seen this check it out, awesome!

Nice! That one was not included in the selection that was screened here in Pittsburgh (I gather that there are different collections of the films that were part of the annual submissions that are distributed for the tours.)

That was my favorite movie. In the past few years, we have only kayaked, with both of our canoes reserved for guests/loaners. After watching that, we realized what we have been missing. Something about the teamwork, technique and connection felt in a canoe is different than kayaking. I grew up canoeing much like folks in the movie, and that really made me appreciate how lucky I was to have those opportunities.