Catfishing Lake Houston.

With gas being so high and my budget rather limited, I’ve started fishing Lake Houston, which is only 2 miles from my home. I’d never given it much thought, preferring other lakes with more pristine waters. L. Houston’s water is usually pretty laden with silt and tanin, the most likely color being a brown color and visibility is maybe a foot. But, I’ve found some isolated areas on a lake surrounded by big fancy homes (mine is not one of those). Because its so limited in visibilty, I’ve been catfishing mostly, trying to locate them. I’ve apparently found a couple of good spots. Monday, launched about 8 am, fished much of the day, managed to catch 9 catfish and one freshwater drum, gasper gou to Yak-a-Lou. The cats ran from 1.5 lbs to 4 lbs. Kept 5. The drum was about 27" long and weighed approxiamtely 9 lbs. They are decent eating, but I threw him back out of respect for his fighting abilities and having all the fish I needed for a supper. Most of the cats were caught between 10 am and 3 pm, the drum about 2:30. And, it was hot/humid. 95 degrees with 85% humidity, typical Houston summer weather.

Thanks for sharing your reporty.

What did you use for bait?

Don’t let the muddy water turn you off, the lake could easily have plenty of bass and brim too.

Lake Houston is good for white bass
and both black and white crappie. There are bsss there, I pick up lots of 6-10 inchers in my castnet when getting bait. But, its not an easy lake to bass fish. I cast for bait. The bait fish are primarily shad and sunfish. While lots of folk seem to like shad best, my best luck comes from sunfish. Caught 17 on the 18th, several over 5, one went 8. Monday, the 21st, caught a 9 lb blue cat. When I used to bass fish, I never even came close to that size a bass.