Catskill creek near east durham ny

Hello all,
New here so don’t know how active this forum is.
In August 2020 we may be in East Durham New York and I see on the map that Catskill creek runs in that area.
Any input as to put in / take out, water conditions etc for a canoe would be appreciated.
Thanks, Kevin

Welcome to the community; it’s pretty active but moreso in the spring and summer.

Can’t help you out on the Catskill creek question as I’m in the Great Lakes area.

I checked the Quiet Water Canoe Guide to New York, and it doesn’t have anything listed there or even nearby, which is kind of odd. Maybe check canoe/kayak rental outfits in the area, they might be able to give you some ideas.

Catskill Creek is going to be mighty low at that time of year unless a tropical storm dumps on the Catskills.

Here’s the sections as shown by

Albany Chapter of the likely has more info from their whitewater committee on that creek.

Also look up Classic New England Whitewater. I believe I recall the Catskill being detailed there.

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