Catskill Rondout Creek

Hello, all you creek boaters. I wouldn’t classify myself as a whitewater paddler, but today, Sunday, coming back from my camp in the Catskills I drove along Rt. 55.

From the bridge below the dam where 55 and 55A intersect all the way down to the bridge just before Honk Lake the creek looked navigable. Usually it is too shallow to invite paddling, but due to the rain Saturday and the snowmelt, things were different. It looked like there was plenty of depth to paddle, a few rocks to watch for, and some strainers as the water left the channel looking for any way it could get downstream. Mostly moving water with class I stuff, but it looked like it would have been fun. Not too many places to eddy out and rest, the relatively narrow creekbed was full and moving.

Just thought I’d pass along this info.

Happy paddling.


Here’s the first drop on the WW section

That’s just below the dam in High Falls, I think.

Nice Video
That must have been fun. Below the dam at Rondout Reservoir, the area I saw, the creek has much different attributes.

Well that looks like fun
What’s the rest of the run like?

Rest of the run.

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I couldn't open the video, but if the put-in is where I think it is, (below High Falls) there are some great play spots running from Class II-IV when the Rondout is at higher levels.
"Little Falls" right below High Falls, has some rocks that can be hard to detect from time to time. There are also strainers and a couple very nasty holes when levels are up.

Now is the time for ww in Catskills.
March and April, that is.

With rain, the Rondout stays up into Mid-May. It is a very popular creek with locals (of which I’m one) but requires a good deal of scouting because the features and obstructions change often.

I’ll be posting the occasional (weekday) ww run in the Catskills under “Getting Together” for anyone who’d like to come join me.