Catskills NY

Anyone know of any places in the Catskills to do a weekend paddling trip??

I looked around online but can't find any info. Any help or info would be appreciated.

pretty much not
most of the lakes in the Catskills are NYC water supply reservoirs with a profusion of regulations


I guess I’ll have to travel a few hours north to the Adirondacks then.

Upper Delaware or Susquehanna

Already paddle there

Thanks but I have a cabin in Pike Co PA and paddle a bunch of different spots in NorthEast PA.

Paddled the Susquehanna too, did a 4 day canoe trip a couple years ago. Put in up near the PA/NY border and too out down at endless mountain outfitters.

Looking to do some more remote paddling and the Catskills are a couple hours closer to me than the Adk’s that’s why I asked about them.

Got whitewater?

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Catskills have some terrific ww streams--I oughta know, live here and run them weekly from March to December. These are mostly flashy creeks that you have to be ready for at the drop of a hat, or er, rather, drops of precipatation. To do them, you should be skills competant(or at least a comfortable lunatic)in Cl. III water.

Unlike the Adirondacks, most of our hidden lakes are more like rather large ponds(measured in acres, not miles)and mostly of the manmade variety.

Cannonsville Resv is a huge body of water, but you'd have to apply for a permit with NY DEP to use it. North-South Lake in Tannersville has some interesting mountain scenery with trails nearby.If you want to do a roaring paddle on the Esopus sometime(nr. Phoenicia NY, and usually up to good level)or even a day paddle on one of the quieter streams(Catskill Creek or Rondout near the Hudson/some streams in Sullivan County come to mind)just send me an email...But wait until the Middle of March--Everything up here remains iced over before then.