Caught a shark....

Back in October I took my wave kayak out down in Myrtle Beach fishing and caught this shark (sorry for the fuzzy image…it is a video capture). It was funny because he was actually towing my kayak all around out there. When I got him under the kayak and saw that he was a bit bigger than I could handle (flopping around inside the boat…bad idea) I towed him to shore and tossed my pole to my Dad. He landed him. (We let him go afterward…the fish…not my Dad…)

Here is the pic:



Big fun in a little boat !
What did you use for bait ? I grew up in SC, vacationed at Myrtle Beach for a gazillion years.

Fun stuff…
I catch sharks down here in the gulf all the time in the surf zone… I wonder if the species you caught is the same as whats common here, the Atlantic Sharpnose shark… they are a small shark with the max size about 4 foot. Nice catch!

I was using squid…the normal catch is shark and stingrays…

It was fun getting that one… :slight_smile:


Most of the Texs Gulf shark catch by
a group of kayak fishermen who specialize in shark fishing seems to be bull sharks and a few blacktips.