Caulking bulkheads

I was looking at the “waterproof” bulkheads of my Carolina and now see clearly why they get wet when the cockpit has water. There are visible gaps in the seal around the hull. Is there any reason I can’t get some silicone caulk and run a bead around the bulkhead-hull juncture? Nothing in the caulk would react to the glue would it? Is there a special marine caulk or would any silicone stuff work?

Marine Goop
There are a couple of others but I know many have mentioned Marine Goop. Easy to find too.

Lexel (the stuff in your Carolina) is good. your dealer should be able to hook you up with some, as this could be a workmanship issue.

3M 5200 and Sikaflex works too

Don’t use silicone


Get your Lexel by mail here.
The manufacturer of Lexel sells a “sample pack” of the product by mail order. I will be ordering some this week to re-seal bulkheads on a well-used 2002 Carolina.

link below


You can also get it at ACE hardware.