Caution: M88 VHF On/Off Switch

After 3 years of light use and good care, my M88 failed completely and had to be repaired. The repairs included replacement of the On/Off switch, repair of circuit board, and replacement of the battery pack (the battery is expensive). ICOM graciously (but not without prompting) picked up all but the battery pack under warranty. My caution is that it seems like my M88 had a bit of a “hair trigger” on the ON/OFF switch causing the radio to easily be turned on without my knowing it, thus draining the battery. The Lithium Ion battery (as stated in the manual) does not take well to being drained completely. If this complete draining happens often (as is the case with me) the battery goes dead and needs an expensive replacement. Don’t know if any other of you M88 owners noticed this. From my point of view, it’s worth checking the state of your radio to make sure it’s not on (like in your gear bag)


maybe you just got a lemon
I purchased one appx 2 months ago and have not had any issues with the switch.


Thanks for the heads up.

It’s funny you mention this, because we’ve had our’s for over a year now with some pretty good use (not abuse) and this year, my wife carried it on a recent trip and I carried a M72.

I was using mine most of the time and we were relying on her’s for a backup. Well, the switch is definitely a light one and it turned on ever so slightly, draining the battery. We were on a 10 day trip. Luckily I was carrying a backup battery for her’s in our ditch bag.

How is the switch they replaced it with?


had 2 for 5+ years. no problems
I’ve been very happy and satisfied with the radios. No problems on my end.


Dunno Yet
Should be getting it back in about a week or so. I’ll give a follow-up report.