cayuga 14.6,specter 15,manitou 14

looking to upgrade from 12’ pungo…all these boats same price…would use this boat on slow rivers and in the bay at times…i like the prijon touryak also, but more expensive and the seat was really low for me…other boats seat were more comfortable…i am 6’ 180 and would like my next boat to be something i could paddle for several years and improve my skills…i like the idea of a skeg instead of a rudder , for the few times i would probably need it…any thought’s would be helpful !!

Manitou 14! Easy choice.

Manitou and Cayouga have the same Extrasport grey foam seat with a monstrously high hinged back.

That type of a seat back is very recreational and intended for people that wanna get into the boat and paddle without proper technique or any skill, which is why you don’t see those seats in a boat meant for people that have skill or want to develop it. With half decent paddling technique that doesn’t put stress on your lower back, you won’t need that ‘supportive high back’ seat.

Also,that high of a seat is going to make putting on a spray skirt awkward and potentially make self rescues awkward and not good for some types of rolls.

Mind you, the seat backs can probably be at any time removed and swapped for a backband.

Just go with a Prijon to begin with, though i’d pick Motion over Touryak because it’s lower volume. You get a way better built boat than any north american plastic boat just because prijon has way better plastic.

Necky Eliza actually looks like it would be pretty good and probably within your length requirement if you remove the rudder.

what’s the used market like? If you can, look for a now-discontinued Necky Elaho Sport or Looksha IV sport


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First of all, the Eliza will be too small for a guy that is 6' and 180 lbs.

All of the boats you mention are good choices, but of those 3, I like the Manitou 14. The combination of hull speed, skeg, and total weight (less than 50lbs) make for an attractive package. I don't like rudders, and although I like the Prijons, I think you need a rudder on this boat for good performance in the wind. I can't comment on the Spector, because I have not paddled it.

I have not found the seat on the Necky to be an issue, in fact I have it positioned with the seat back tilted forward for a pretty agresive paddling position.

Good luck and make sure you report back on your decision.

are you sure
I’ve never sat in the Eliza,but from the pics it looks somewhat like a chatham 16,but shorter and with a rudder.i’m 6’1 and 180 and the chatham fits me very well.

I have a Cayuga
Don’t be concerned about the seat back. It can be lowered and stuffed under the coaming so it won’t interfere with a sprayskirt.

Also, for what its worth, be aware that the fit of the plastic Eliza is quite different than the composite (composite better fitting).

You could paddle it at 180
but you will displace more hull and the kayak will not be as playful. Compsite Eliza is narrower and has a skeg rather than a rudder, along with Valley ovals.