cayuga-seneca canal worth it ?

Is this worth kayaking or is it more of pain in the butt ? I would be using a valley aquanaut.

Cayuga- Seneca Canal
Don’t know how tender your butt gets, but this is a nice paddle. There is powerboat traffic, but the waterway is very calm and passes thru some very nice country and a very historic Seneca Falls,NY. Can’t vouch for the views from a kayak, but from a canoe vantage point there is something to see all the way. Good fishing too, and places to stop and get food and drink close to the water.


Thanks for the response. I didn’t want to get stuck in a beehive of powerboats all day.

its great
we paddle regularly from rt 89 up and portage around the locks, sometimes we start at Mud Lock and cross the lake. do it!

DS. Why doyou portage around the lock. Is it too long a wait ?

we usually are 3-8 boats and its easier just to get out and portage then to wait for the lock. Its always ready in the wrong direction it seems and the portages are quick. We also use them as break spots from time to time… Once you have locked thru a few times the novelty wears off anyway