CD Altura SOT

Anyone have one of these. Looks like a nice yak. If you have one is it a fast yak and would it be ok for the open ocean close to shore? Thanks FishHawk

heard of one what do the look like and who carries them?

Never seen on on the water
Current Design doesn’t have much presence in Texas, though. The cost probably keeps folks from buying it. There are lots of good SOT fishing kayaks out there for less money.

CD altura
I got one last year, and I love it. Very stable, and is an easy paddle. I would highly recommend a demo paddle, and check out the quality.

of the yak you’re asking about, but it soundslike it could be an upper end sot. Take a look at the Hurricane Phoenix models. I think they have a 12, 13, 14, and 16 foot models. They’re made of thermoform plastic and have a scupper collection system with only one scupper hole on the botttom. The prices don’t seem excessive for yaks like this either.

current designs altura

the altura came out last year, i think or the year b4 …it’s a composite build with a price range of around $1800 w/o rudder…weight is around 59# for a 15’ local NY shop in rochester has a few on sale here from 1300 non-rudder to 1600 w/rudder