CD Breeze/Whistler paddlers

Current or former owners of CD Breeze or Whistler kayaks: I need your expertise!

Yes, I’ve read all the reviews for both kayaks.


I’m 5’9", 160lbs soaking wet, with athletic build. Lots of experience with all sorts of kayaks over the years. From 9ft poly rec boats to 18ft+ glass sea kayaks.

Looking to do more 1 or 2 day/overnight trips on streams, creeks, and rivers. Need something short, can throw in the back of my truck, won’t break the bank, and can take a beating. Not looking for speed but something easily maneuverable with some capacity.

Seems the Breeze/Whistler fits those requirements. They’re “fairly” close in specs as far as tracking, efficiency, maneuverability, and capacity are concerned…although the Whistler, with the longer waterline, would have slightly better numbers in those categories.

My largest concern with the Breeze is lack of a front hatch. If using a neoprene skirt, the lack of a front hatch is wonderful from the perspective that there’s less chance of water leaking into the boat from wave splash during excursions and/or rolls. Makes getting to gear a wee bit more fussy, though, and the inflatable bag may be a weak point? Just thinking out loud…

I’m trying to stay around the 13-14ft mark, as far as overall length is concerned. I’m a hiker/camper and am used to packing VERY light for multi-day trips. Storage for my camping gear is not really my biggest concern. I have a LiquidLogic XP9 and can shove a ton of stuff in it!

Have also not ruled out a canoe although I’m more of a kayak guy. Have my eye on a barely used Old Town Pack canoe. Would certainly hold lots of gear, cheap, light, and I could beat the snot out of it!

I’ve owned my share of CD kayaks over the years, am impressed with them, and conveniently have a wonderful CD dealer near me.

Your thoughts? Pros? Cons? Other suggestions?

Just to give you more to read, the CD Pachena is the composite version of the Whistler and Breeze, so the reviews here will be relevant. I’ve had one for 4 seasons and like it quite a bit. It’s also a perfect loaner, as it is rock solid, people feel comfortable and it’s easy to drive at moderate pace. I’m the same height as you, but heavier, but I find the boat quite roomy. The boat is discontinued, but they show up used once in a while - a Kevlar version sold here recently. I’ll never sell mine. Re: the front float bag in the Breeze, you can always swap it out for a combined storage-buoyancy bag. Most people say a front storage bag holds a lot more than a front compartment does. I’ve never come close to capsizing the Pachena, so I don’t think it’s a big drawback.

As you have a CD dealer nearby, you might consider the newer Vision series of boats - they look a bit more compact and are much lighter. They might be more appropriate for your weight. There’s even a couple of used ones on p-net right now.

I have looked
at the Vision 135 roto. It was on my list, and is a viable candidate, but it’s a few hundred more than the Breeze. That’s probably why I didn’t mention it.

We have 2 breezes
and we love them for river paddling and wont sell them either! The whistler is a little longer, little narrower but a little heavier. The advantage i see is a bulkhead over the floatation bag. Overall i think either one is a great boat - not fast like our tempests but we still love ours and of course, different boats for different situations. Also, the plastic is of a good quality. I never paddled a whistler, but the extra length might be a bonus.

I’ve got one and it is my favorite all round boat. I’m larger than you at 6’1 and the fit is tight. I have a rudder and the foot pegs have to be all the way out for me to fit.

I use mine on lakes and large reservoirs and it is a stable and comfortable boat in all conditions. Great to fish and photograph from.

manitou 13
light, paddles well. Unless you have to have a rudder it’s a good choice for efficient and good handling.

vision 135
just purchased my vision 135 late fall last year, and fell in love at first paddle.

I have paddled the whistler, breeze both handled ok. I choose the vision due to the smaller beam and deapth just fit my hip and leg better.


I purchased my cd vision from a local outfitter that was selling his rental stock at seasons end for $500 for the 2009 season.