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I have been reading this forum for a while, and finally signed in. Thanks to all for many interesting posts.

I did read some posts here a while ago about the speed of the CD Extreme, Epic Endurance 18 and some other sea kayaks. One of the posters said the Epic 18 was a bit faster on flat water. I am very interested in how much faster?

I paddle an Extreme now, and really likes the boat. Next sesason however, I an planning to do some long distance races here in Norway and also in Sweden, and would of course like to have the fastest sea kayak:-)

The Valley Rapier might be worht checking out.

Sea racers

You’ll find a somewhat complete list of fast sea kayaks at Erik Arnström’s page:

along with his personal reviews:

Likewise you’ll fine some up to date comments on the current state of fast sea kayaks available in Scandinavia in the blog entry on this year’s Stockholm Marathon:

Sorry native english speakers - the links above points to swedish pages.


Depending upon classification, it seems to me that the FSKs have fallen into some loose speed categories, mainly based on results and paddler preference, vs. any form of empirical data. I’d probably place the Extreme in with boats such as the Kayaksport Vivienne, CD Stratus, etc. A tick above them would be the Seda Glider, QCC 700, Epic Endurance 18, etc. Above that would fall the new Rapier 18 (may actually be better grouped with the QCCs, etc., but seat of pants says it’s faster), Westside EFTs, etc. Somewhere in there fall boats like the Nelo Razor, Kayakpro Jet, etc., in essence, detuned K-1 trainers that skilled paddlers can manage in conditions. Above the 18’ category gets you into the T-Bolts, Kayakpro Vampire, Rapier 21, and of course, surf skis. Interestingly, the Extreme, due to its length alone, bumps it into the faster category with Westside EFTs. The same is often true of the Glider. Paddlers remaining the same, the Extreme has a hard time hanging with the Q-Tips and Epics, and is pretty clearly out of its element in with the EFTs. Check out that Rapier-it gives more in the way of a true sea kayak (two bulkheads, VCP hatches…). Navigator rudder system though… :frowning: It’s not going to feel as stable in the rough as your Extreme, but again, that’s relative-one person’s stable is another’s swimming.

At most of the races that I have seen in
…this neck of the woods in the 18 foot sea kayak class. It is usually a toss up between the Epic 18 and the QCC-700.



But I Hve some friends in Minny-Soda?, And dey kin Help me unndestand dis stuff, ya?

But even so, you can get the gist of what’s being presented by looking at the specs. You get a pretty good idea of what’s the baddest to


-Frank in Miami

Fast in what conditons
Possibly the largest factor is what boat is fast in what conditions. Taking skill level out of the equation, some boats hull design simply makes them faster in different conditons. In addition, the energy expended keeping the boat straight, corrective strokes, and bracing are significant.