CD Extreme, opinions?

What do you think of CD Extreme?

Paddled one and thought the primary was ok, secondary very good, and was actually surprised at how well it edged and turned. My main interest is speed, I would like a boat with higher end hull speed that I can do trips out of.

Did not have a chance to get it in anything rough though.

What do you think?


Sheboygan Falls, WI

QCC option
Other possibilities would be QCC500 or QCC700. Made in northern Wis, Exland I believe. You could probably arrange test paddles at the factory. CD’s are beautiful boats, but I believe the hull speed of a QCC would be a bit better than an Extreme (have not paddles one; theoretical only). Price would be better too. I have a 500 and the inside is cavernous!


Tell Phil that Jim from St.Albans WV sent ya.

Speed & trips
Among the faster Sea Kayaks I’ve paddled that would work for trips/camping include: Azul Sultan, P&H Sirius (the Andromeda is CD’s version), Nigel Foster Legend or Silhouette.

Nice boat, like Q700 better
CD Extreme is a popular and well made boat. Epic 18’s fast too, but does’t match QCC or CD quality. Seda Glider might be abother option. Of these I prefer the Q700.

Only way to really decide - test paddle! Find owners/dealers nearby. Try them all. Try the QCC last. You may like several, it should bump them - or at least all but one (hey, it’s a great boat but not for everyone).

You live in WI!!! Go visit QCC (in Exeland) and see them firsthand (OK it’s like 300 miles one way - but I’d go!)! Plus, QCC will build you a custom one and take it back if you don’t like it and you can still get one of the others.