CD Extreme-Pricing Advice

It’s time to let go of my CD Extreme-too much boat for this old man. It’s been paddled-maybe-10-15 times over the years (I’ve always had other boats) and is in pristine (like new) condition-garage kept-high volume, fiberglass layup. Before I post it in the classifieds, I’d like suggestions of a realistic price. Any ideas appreciated.

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Pictures and year? Location? Love my CD hulls.

Extreme production was stopped this year.

Dog-probably around 2005-but barely paddled. I haven’t downloaded the photos yet (too d**m tired to do it tonight) but just imagine “like new.” Mango color. Gorgeous boat-ludicrous speed. If you think it would help our community suggest a price, Here’s one I took today.

I know they stopped production which makes this a bit of a “unicorn.” Damn thing is a torpedo and, as I understand, does it’s best when loaded up (I never took it on an expedition-we’re just local, flatwater types).

Serial number is the year last two digits.

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Sliding Yakima pedals or SEA-LECT plastic pedals?

I can tell it hasn’t seen much sun.

There’s no single answer on the value of a used item, but my own opinion is that any 15-20 year old used fiberglass kayak, even in pristine condition, is worth $2000 or less. And realistically, I think the ones that sell will be in the $1500 or less range. Add in that the Extreme is 18’ 10" so many people looking for the typical 16-17 foot touring kayak will consider it too big. So unless you make it a real bargain price, you’ll appeal only to that limited market of people looking for a big, expedition boat.

If you’re not in a hurry to sell, maybe try for around $2000, less if you want a better chance at finding a buyer. And expect to wait until the season gets going next year as things are winding down this year and any buyers will be looking for end or season bargains.

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Thank you for such a rational, knowledgeable answer. I was thinking along the same lines. I’m really not looking to recover my investment from this sale-it’s just that this beautiful boat should be dancing in the waves as opposed to hanging in my garage (wife and I have Delta 17/15s and paddle every weekend).

I follow the prices of CD North American style hulls all the time. Probably ten years minimum. I have 3 Extremes, Libra XT, Solstice GT, Expedition CD

I just stumbled on an interesting point of reference. Here’s a 19 foot Seaward Quest in Maine that looks like it’s in good shape, and hasn’t moved all summer. Looks like the seller recently lowered the asking price from $2000 to $1100.

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2008, based on the serial number. I haven’t put this beautiful boat on in, probably, 8 years, which is why I’m selling her. I only do flatwater lakes, in a beautiful Delta 17, so this gorgeous boat deserves better treatment than long-term, protected storage.

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  1. Bergen County, New Jersey.
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They’re the stock “gas pedal” rudder controls that came with it. I did upgrade to the better seat back (itself worth $200+).

Darn! I was interested & hoping you were on the left coast. NJ doesn’t work for me.

2000 paid 680 listed for 750.

New seat and pedals going in. Move seat back.

Cut combing legs off move back.

I’ll add more glass in base while seat is out.

New decals

Paid 900 new seat and pedals kevlar.

2000 Expedition 900

99 Libra XT 900

2008 Solstice GT 1800 in 2010 with accessories which were worth 4100+ no tax.

2003 kevlar 300 dollars totally redone two part Epoxy painted deck and hull. Six hundred in parts & paint. Every thing replaced except aluminum rudder assembly and bare hull. Bunch of free labor. Worse deal of all. LOL

All glass boats crack behind the combing. People sit to get in its to light. I’ve added a band of double mat which makes it real stiff on some of mine. Hard to see unless you zoom in or press on the deck.

Let me know when you list it or decided what you want.

Truthfully most people don’t like handling 19’ hull. I have no problem with it. If you want to go far and fast I really don’t think there is a better hull around.
Carbon fiber I was thinking of having one done like that but they pulled the plug on the Nomads / Extreme that was in Canada. Still look for it. It was sold when I found it. It had a CF seat also.

White one I just got is weird front bulkhead fiberglass rear ABS plastic.

You just had to be close enough for me to get myself in trouble.
(You can also read that , yes please I would really like to paddle one when your ready)

Two on FB marketplace 1750 & 2000 they’ve been there a while.

Never answered anybody.

Been up long time.