CD Freedom

Does anyone own or have tried a Current Design Freedom? I know it got a favorable report in Canoe and Kayak magazine compared to some other fitness boats. Thanks.

Also interested in this

CD freedom won the Blackburn…
in the “fast sea kayak” class with a time under 3 hours (19.5 miles). Second fastest time ever for a sea kayak; Greg Barton has the fastest time ever in an Epic 18X. Of course the paddler has a lot to do with it, but it still says a lot for the Freedom.

Hard to compare
Year to year the results of the Blackburn due to weather conditions and the tides… A Rapier 18 won a few years back with a 3:02 time, the Freedom won this year with 2:59 with an Epic 18x only a minute slower and a V8 about 5 minutes behind the Freedom, last year it was an Epic 18x again at 3:03 …

As you say, it’s up to the paddler. Results the average paddler will get in any of in these boats I think will be just about the same. So I’d say the decision should be made on availability, price, fit, etc.

The Blackburn was very flat this year.

IMO - the Epic 18x is the fastest sea kayak.

FYI - the Freedom has no bulkheads and requires float bags, which were used by Dave (the winner) in the Blackburn.