CD Gulfstream - canopy too large?

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I'm looking for a new kayak.

I like the Current Designs Gulfstream in glass fibre.

I'm 5'8 and 175 lbs.

Will the canopy be too large for me.

Most of the reviews are made by larger guys.

The kayak will be used for weekly medium to long day tours and monthly extended (2 days) camping tours.

Canopy? Some of us won’t know what
you mean. Too much room in the bow? Too large a cockpit? Let’s bump this to the top and see.

CD Gulfstream
I,ve had 2 Gulfstreams and 2 Cd Siroccos, I had to outfit the cockpit to fit, but I do that with all the kayaks I own. I,m 5ft 7" at 145lbs.these kayaks

OK, no, not if you pad it out. But based on your size and the length of your trips I’d recommend a smaller and better-fitting boat. That’s just my personal taste speaking, but you’ll likely also be happier paddling it when it’s not fully loaded if you go smaller.

I don’t know what you mean by canopy
The boat was designed by Derrick Hutchinson, a large guy. Since you see him paddling it, presumably he designed it for himself or someone his size. The cockpit has a fairly large opening, the boat is fairly wide (23"), and the deck is fairly high (13 1/4"). But you can always outfit the boat with minicell foam to fit your size. My only complaint is that it lacks a keyhole cockpit, a feature I would like.

that boat is a very old design.

it’s well proven.

i borrow a friends glass orion when i visit newfoundland.

i am 5’7" and lighter than you… 120, ok; ok; 140 lbs.

my normal boat is a capella 16’6" i beg one of those up the odd time when i travel.

one of the respondents mentiond derric hutchinson. he was not always rolly polly and that design is at least 25 years old.

i beleive i heard a friend say he had researched and found the exact and perfect length for a sea kayak. it was 17’ 3 " or such. which just happened to be the inside length of his garage as well. lol

i normally paddle in bc and puget sound. i am avoiding the olympics right now and on the road.

the gulf stream is a great boat.

Big boat
I’m bigger than you and find the Gulfstream a large boat. Last time I paddled one I felt like I was sitting in a barrel. As noted it is basically Derek Hutchinson’s version of the Orion for Current Designs. Unlike some other older sea kayak designs (such as the Nordkapp)the Gulfstream may not have been brought up to current preferences.

You might try some more recent model kayaks. The Gulfstream/Orion is an honorable boat, but there are many good options.