CD Gulfstream good price NYC

I know it and I do :slight_smile: I’ll be posting it when I find it.

Who let the dogs out!

If you have one kayak you like and are using the wait is easier.

Yes, I do. I have one I like quite well, but the plan is to get another, even better one, then the spouse will use that one, and we’ll sell the one that’s too big for both of us. It’s all planned out.

The dogs are OUT!

There’s one in the Boston area listed on eBay now, starting bid $250. Yes, I’m an enabler.

Yea gee thanks Mr Enabler. Close enough for me to strike out.

Must have just been listed I look near daily at CD on fleabay

2002 or earlier from maple leaf decal made in CANADA.

Is that good or bad?

2002 or earlier from maple leaf decal made in CANADA.

@Doggy Paddler said:
Is that good or bad?

Don’t matter I have a 99 & 2000 CD kayaks which are great just a easy way to date CD before they moved to USA after being bought out. 4 hr 15 min drive 244 miles for me. 120 in fuel plus wear & tear but could make it a trip and kayak there.

Let us know if you get it.

It’s an 2001 but serial number says made in MN which puzzles me. Bottom of boat is a bit hammered. Have to look on computer monitor better. Worth 250 but not sure if I’d drive that far for it.

You might ask the seller what the reserve $ is, some will tell you.
Winonah made some boats for CD before the buy-out. That may explain the maple leaf.

I had taken the graphics including the leaf off the hull of my Caribou. When I went to replace them Winonah had taken over and I couldn’t get the leaf.

he got 1 bid reserve not met at 250.

I’ve asked some sellers what their reserve is to see if it is even worth bidding on. Some will tell you others will not.

I don’t get the point of a reserve in an online auction. Just start it at the lowest price you’re willing to take.

I’m with you… But some bidders like the suspense of the game and starting low creates interest.
Back when, I sold and bought a lot on EBay now I just “Buy it now” for what I want.

Grayhawk, I do the same. I’ve actually bid on a few auctions without the BIN in the last few years and just don’t like messing with it anymore.

Deck looks ok, bottom is best, no clue if skeg works. Don’t think I’d like hard seat so I would replace that. New deck lines and decals. Sea-lect foot rest. Re-gel or two part polyurethane paint on hull. I guess the seam has tape on it where it is white.