CD Gulfstream good price NYC

Looks good if anyone is interested. 2014

I wish…so far away. :frowning:

FYI It’s also on NY Craigslist — someone probably could get a better deal that way since the seller won’t have to pay eBay fees.

wondering about the stated four layar repair to the seat area and re-gel of the hull. Have to see this one in person and weigh it before bidding. The Gulfstream is a nice boat though.

I agree. You have see it and inspect repair. But 1400 is a good price for that Boat.

Except for 2900 miles, that boat would likely be in my shop. The Gulfstream is a truly great do-it-all sea kayak. The design is classic and will never be out of style.

The question is why did this individual have to do such an extensive repair?

I ask seller what happened. See what answer I get.

The Craigslist ad says: “I got this kayak in trade last year, used it as few times, beautiful boat. The boat has been worked on, several layers of kevlar and fiberglass have been added to stiffen the floor under the seat from what I was told, and the hull was refinished in gelcoat. “ So looks like the seller doesn’t know. $1300 negotiable on Craigslist.

When the kayak was one-year-old it was put on top of a roof rack. The owner failed to tie the front strap to his bumper, and he drove over the strap pulling the nose of the boat down. His roof rack cross bars pushed on the bottom of the kayak by the seat making a gelcoat crack and stressing the resin on the Kevlar. No breakthrough. The boat remained straight , the stress area was reinforced from within, the bottom was sanded and refinished in gelcoat.

I did the same on my Nomad I had some cracks from kayak launch with rollers. I was leary of the rollers and made it out fine by keeping my weight mostly off the hull with the hand rails. Coming in I couldn’t do the same. Slight cracks in gelcoat. I threw it three layers of glass and no more flex gelcoat didn’t even show cracks. After it happen cracks were just about invisible unless pressed hard on hull. Bottom looks good from picture no big deal if it was done neatly.

Back up on eBay with starting bid if $950.

Including a carbon paddle.

I should go look

@PaddleDog52 said:
I should go look

You should! Wish I was closer, I’d probably bring her home. Then let us know what you think of it, especially compared to a Solstice as I’ve always wondered

Every kayak is my last. Seven now. LOL

While you’re making the trip you should check this one out, too: CD Solstice GT plus carbon paddle in excellent condition for $1100.


Solstice not bad if grand or less. It’s late 90’s my guess by back hatch . Caribbean blue. I have a 2008 I got for 1800 in 2010. Ctug cart, Werner Shuna fiberglass / carbon paddle. Few other odds and ends. It was like new top and bottom. My favorite boat excellent in rough and comfortable.

They’re all way too big for me, but I just keep on looking…

Deals are there if you have patience.