CD hatch closures

curious what folks have put on their CD boats to secure the hatch strap levers so they can’t come undone during a rescue.


– Last Updated: Oct-22-06 10:14 PM EST –

I reversed one of the straps on each hatch..
Then... don't fall out of the boat..

Maybe it was I reversed one of the straps on my Pygmy because the Caribou came that way.
Don't remember.. short term memory goes first, ya know..

I have enough trouble undoing the strap latches with two hands when I’m TRYING to undo them. It has never even occurred to me that they might need more securing, but I have a reliable roll and don’t forsee the need to do a rescue that might interfere with the straps.

Maybe drill a hole in the metal buckle and insert something like a small carabiner to keep the plastic slide-piece from coming off.

My Caribou came with the middle latch working direction opposite the other two, must be Grayhawk gave them that idea.

I haven’t felt a reason to do this, yet, though in looking at it it seems like a properly-sized 0-ring looped in the fold formed by the closed latch and then stretched around the open end of the latch handle to hold the retainer in place would work. Of course the o-rings themselves would need to be tethered.