CD hip pads for Danish line

I spotted some factory hip pads on a recent promo video for Current Designs’ Danish line. Mine didn’t come with — so I called CD and got a pair shipped for a totally reasonable rate. They’re much slimmer and better fitting on the Sisu than the 3rd party pads I’ve tried. Not advertised on their site, but if you paddle a Prana, Sisu or Karla, might be worth an inquiry. :+1:


My Prana didn’t have any hip padding and when I demoed it, that was a big concern. I added 3/4" foam held fast with 3M double sided tape as I wasn’t sure how they would work out. Better than nothing, but not great for a small paddler in a cockpit built for a medium to large paddler.

Glad I didn’t glue them in as at a symposium this summer the CD rep gave me a pair of the CD hip pads. A major positive difference and what I especially like about them are the side pockets. I can slide in another layer of foam in the summer when I’m wearing tight fitting paddling pants and remove the foam when I’m wearing a drysuit with layers under it.

I can understand why they wouldn’t be included in a demo since so many different paddlers try them, but wonder why they aren’t included with the purchase of all the new Danish boats. Whatever, am happy to have them.


When my Sisu LV was delivered this spring, I was told they had some nice new hip pads that would be available shortly, and to let them know if I could use some. So I’m figuring it’s a fairly recent addition, given they weren’t available yet this spring. For my size, I have no need for them. But certainly a nice addition for narrower hips.
Such a fun boat in the waves, and it affords a comfortable, powerful paddling position for distances and/or sprinting.


Old Topic, but of interest to anyone buying one of the CD Danish kayaks. We recently bought 2 Karla models at different stores.

The first one came with hip pads as did all the CD Danish models they had in stock. At the second store they told me the kayaks don’t come with the removal hip pads and immediately tried to up sell me on after market hip pads. :frowning:

I contacted CD. Their reply: “Hi Candace, Yes, all the Danish kayaks come with removable hip pads. Best wishes, Current Designs Kayaks”

If yours didn’t come with them (it is an easily misplaced item with people are sitting in them to try them out), prior to purchase have the store reach out to CD to ensure they get the pads in there, or after purchase explain the situation to CD and they can send them to you.

The removable hip pads are very nice.

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Y’all are in for some fun paddling! I had my Sisu LV out last week in some Larry surf. I hope you keep us updated on some of your adventures.