CD Kestral 160?

I have sat in one and really like the open cockpit. Question is, how wet does it get on bumpy water? What are the chances of getting swamped by 2’ whitecaps?

You can get a sprayskirt for any kayak
I used to have one when I had a Pungo which also has a huge cockpit. Current Designs will make you a cockpit cover or sprayskirt for any boat it makes.

I have a Kestrel 120 and

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it don't know how to sink.

I'm getting ready to retire it and have both, a neoprene (which I've never used) and a nylon one.

My Kestrel will take a splash over the bow and into the cockpit if the waves are tall and very close but I've paddled it in Class IV and roll it with only the nylon skirt .

If you check the specs and want a neoprene skirt I'll sell you mine 1/2 price and it is a Snap Dragon.

Enjoy your Kestrel.

Paddlin' on

Thanks,but I may never have one.
Just researching. Like I said, with a Rapidfire, what else do I need ?Not to mention the Tarpon,Malecite,and Voyager.

Real men paddle kayaks

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...didn't realize that was your post.