CD Kestrel 120 or 140 ?

I’m going to buy either a Current Designs 120 or 140 hybrid Kestrel. The price difference is negligible so that’s not a factor. The 12 is a little lighter which is a very good thing, but even the 14 is not heavy. Use will be recreational/exercise in creeks, the ICW, and generally sheltered water. I’ve been paddling for hyears but my skill level is intermediate because I’m too lazy to do it right. For only a $100 more, the cheapskate in me says get the 14. The slightly lighter weight of the 12 says “buy me”. I think I can install a rudder on the 14 if I decide to later–not on the 12.

Any advice from the Real World ?

ICW = 14’.

Get the 14… JMHO
I had a 120, it was fine but the 140 will have better range and be more versatile.

I agree with the others, I think you’ll prefer the 14’ boat.