CD Kestrel 120 roto X or OT Camden 120

Looking for the better boat to suit a 6’2 300lb guy. The Kestrel is rated at 350lbs and the Camden at 350-400lbs, both boats are 12’6 and the Camden is a half inch wider at 28.5". Are these boats being honest with their capacities or are they publishing higher numbers to attract a broader market? The Kestrel is $739 and the Camden is $971 where I am. I like the ACS seat on the Camden but the Kestrel has a larger cockpit at 20x43 compared to 17.5x39. I am assuming that bit extra makes a big difference getting in and out and more room for layers? Is the rotomolding stronger? I don’t have the luxury of trying them first and I would prefer to keep it at this length. Opinions please?

CD Kestrel Roto X High volume

OT Camden 120

Room for layers?
How far into the cold weather are you thinking of paddling whatever boat you get? If it is decently into cold water (not exactly hard to manage in Canada), I’d suggest that you up your game a bit to find a boat that has full perimeter rigging. (static line around the bow and stern of the boat) If you do end up in the water, cold hands will need that to hang onto the boat long enough to figure out your next move.

I think I saw that one of these boats had a version with perimeter rigging when I went to the manufacturer web sites yesterday, but I may be mis-remembering that. Or look at 14 ft boats - a little more volume for you and they more often come with perimeter rigging than the 12 footers.

Good suggestion
Good suggestion, I checked and the Kestrel does come with full perimeter rigging even though it is not shown in all their photos. I phoned Current Designs customer service this morning to ask about the capacity rating. They assured me it would have enough volume for rec paddling without extra gear. I also wanted to ask about the Kestrel 140X to see if they are going to make it in a roto version and they said not for 2012 which was disappointing (I don’t want a fragile composite). The Kestrel 140X is one of the few true big guy kayaks out there I’ve seen comparing specs. It is 28" wide and 14 feet long and rated at 400lbs. As for cold weather it would only be days in Sept and May when in small lakes where I don’t want to put in my 14’ inflatable for fishing. So nothing serious weather wise but I do like the idea of life lines all along the edge, thanks.