CD Kestrel 140SOT

There are only 2 reviews on the boat and I would like to hear from some people who own one and have paddled it for a while. I am looking at this boat because of the weight and want to use it for general paddling and fishing. I dont need a barge to fish as I am currently fishing from a Heritage Shearwater which is just too long, not maneuverable enough and my wife cant keep up with me. I also have a Kaskazi Dorado which is too heavy but a fantastic fishing boat.

Don’t have one but
I paddled the prototype at WCSKS a couple of years ago. The seat was uncomfortable and didn’t hace scupper holes as I remember. It was kind of high too making the boat feel tender. I told the factory rep I thought they should lower the seat to meet the hull and add scuppers.

I paddle NDK boats on the mainland and a Scupper Pro on the island.

It’s A Good Kayak
I’m one of the guys that posted a review of this kayak. I have been using it for almost a year now and still think it’s a great boat. It has a scupper hole which works well. I bought a high-back cushioned seat and find it to be a comfortable ride. It’s fast…and light. I don’t fish, I just paddle so I don’t know what kind of fishing boat it makes. Good luck!

CD emailed me this morning and they are shipping a demo boat to a nearby dealer. I will be able to test drive it myself.

Let Us Know What You Think
Once you’ve had a chance to demo it.