CD Kestrel Owners advice needed

I’ve got a Kestrel on the way from Oak Orchard Canoe and Kayak…

noting this kayak (chagrin) doesnt have a front hatch, i’ve been studyig flotation bags (something I havent used since my Aquaterra Chinook days)…so what are you Kestrel owners using? anything? just flotation bags or storage/flotation bags.

CD lists a storage/flotation bag on their site but no link to purchase and no info if it will fit in the bow of the Kestrel…

I’m excited about the Kestrel, seems like forever i’ve been getting long boats, this will be my ‘swamper’.

Thanks for any replies.


I had a RM120 for a while, darn nice boat. I can’t imagine ever turning that boat over but it does have a foam piller in the bow and you can stuff some more foam up there. You would probably have to remove the piller to get a float bag up there.

I never got the chance to play and turn it over. The only reason I sold it was that I was out of room and a new boat was coming and my neighbor talked me out of it, but I can still use it.

BTW my neighbors paddle it with the rear hatch open (cringe) so that their dog can sit in there… so far no problems… and they are looking for another one, boat that is…

Enjoy GH

No problem
I owned a CD Kestrel 120. Swamped it many times while learning to wet exit/self rescue etc… I could re-enter without problem, but there was a heck of a lot of H2O in there man! Hand pumping took way too long. Mostly opted for assisted rescue for dumping the water or sticking close to shore for an easier dump of the water. Some split NRS bags could work OK. Would certainly aid in reducing the volume a bit.

thanks for the replies
didnt know about the pillar but that was in the Roto or Thermoform boats? i ordered the hybrid layup to save pounds on my aging body when cartopping so i wonder if it too will have a pillar…since mine is glass i think i will have the fiberglass boys at the local boat manuf. glass in a bulk-head just beyond my feet and then KNOW i’ve go bouyance up front.

Thanks again for your answers.


hybrid layup!
VERY nice boat…

Good Paddling… GH