CD Kestrel Question

I’m helping a friend with a new kayak purchase and we were looking at a REI store here in N. California. They were on closeout and all looked good until I see the Made in China sticker. I thought CD stopped importing them because of problems and brought production back to USA? Anyone up to date on this topic? She is concerned about made in China kayaks even before I mentioned a quality issue of a few years ago. Thanks!

I was
under the impression they were made in the UK.Is that the 140 SOT?I read they were doing a limited run on those.

Wrong boat NM

Vision series is

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Just spent some time poking around and, as of 2013, having trouble nailing down the Kestrel. CD manufacture went from Canada to the US, somewhere in Minnesota, at one point. Through 2011 I find things like a Winoenah blog talking about a senator visiting their factory with pics of canoes and kayaks being made.

Then links just fall away...

Aren’t they made in Winona?
I thought all Current Designs boats were made at the same factory where they make Wenonah canoes in Winona, MN.

Vison series definitely moved to China
I just rechecked and finally found a web page last protected 2014 talking about the canoe factory in Winonah Wisconsin. But I can’t find anything talking about or showing the manufacture of kayaks in the same place.

There was an announcement a ways back about moving the Vision series to China. I can’t find anything one way or the other about the rest of CD’s line as of 2012 and forward.

Check their website
On CDs website they say that they continue to build their boats in Winona, Mn. I thought the Vision line has always been made in China.

Hm - I saw distributed, missed "made"
But I have been missing a lot of things lately.

And yeah, I probably saw something saying the Vision series was China all the way.


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that the Kestrel composite is indeed made in China..ugg. We have moved on to purchase a Eddyline kayak (and made in USA).

Lucky you.
If you chose the new Raven.