CD Sirocco Skeg Repair

Hey all,

Had someone ask me to help them repair a skeg on a Current Designs Sirocco. Seems to be a sealed unit and before I went drilling out plastic rivets and the like, I thought I’d tap the general knowledge bank here to see if anyone had any experience with this.

From what I can tell the cable is still attached to the skeg control knob and slides easilly. The blade can be pulled down by hand from underneath and pushed back easilly enough, which leads me to believe that the cable has become disconnected from the blade. The opening of the skeg box is covered by a plastic skid plate that is plastic riveted in place and the connection of the cable housing to the top of the skeg box (inside the aft compartment) didn’t seem like it was easilly unthreaded.

Any tips, anyone?

See you on the water,


No drilling necessary
My skeg blade just fell off one day, so I had to go through this over the summer.

You should be able to look into the slot and see whether the skeg’s connected to the cable. They use a wire connector with an eyelet on it, and crimp it to the cable, then rivet the connector to the skeg blade.

The cable slider adjacent to the cockpit has a screw in the aluminum slider piece. Take that screw out, and you’ll be able to pull the cable out more from the skeg box to crimp a new connector on the old cable, or new one, if you decide to go that route.

Current Designs sent out both to me, so I don’t know how tuff it would be to use the old cable.


Ahhhhhhh, I see!
Thanks Dave!

Have cable will crimp!

Nice when a puzzle turns out simpler than expected.

Now to just find the right placement to attach the mp3 player, wetbar and seat heater in this boat. (just kidding)

See you on the water,


The rivet
Like Dave said, although I had to do a new rivet for connector to skeg. Shorter than your average rivet but found one at Home Depot.